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From his head to his heart

By Tiffany Jothen

A Library volunteer recently witnessed her own husband give his life to Christ after going through the Library's Journey of Faith tour. It was an answer to 24 years of prayer.

David and June Suddreth of York, S.C., have been married 25 years. June spent 24 of those years praying for David’s salvation.

“When he proposed, I asked if he was a Christian,” June said. “He said, ‘Well, I think I am.’” She told him to propose again when he knew for sure, and six months later, he popped the question for the second time. He said he was a Christian, but June still had doubts after marriage.

Before David committed his life to Christ on Sept. 7, people who knew him thought he was a Christian. David, 76, was constantly helping someone, donating to nonprofits and going to church with June. Before the couple got married, all of their dates were at church.

Once they married, June was always doing Bible study and finally told David in their second year of marriage that he needed to read the Bible for himself.

“He reads the paper backwards and forwards,” she said, but always left the Bible reading up to her. So how did he get to the point of reading Scripture every day?

Last July, June went on a mission trip to Ecuador and met David at the airport when she returned a week later.

“The first thing he said to me was, ‘I’ve been reading my Bible.’ … He just picked it up one day and started reading. He started in Matthew.”

David told her she was right – that reading it himself and letting the words sink in really bring Scripture to life. He had a lot of questions, but the couple discussed them one by one.

Then in September, June, who volunteers at the Billy Graham Library, got sick and couldn’t make it to the Library at her scheduled time on a Monday. She volunteered that Friday instead, and David came to visit that afternoon. He took the Journey of Faith tour, which walks visitors through the life of Billy Graham and how God used him to reach others for Christ. He had taken the tour before, but rushed through. That day, he took his time, and by the end, he was sobbing.

“I want Jesus to be Lord of my life,” he said. A male volunteer led David in a prayer as June stood by.

David, who works with nonprofits through the Mecklenburg County Sheriff’s Office, had always known God in his head, June said, but didn’t ask Him into his heart until that day.

“I have just been walking on a cloud since then,” she said. “I see a more serious, deeper part of him now.”

David isn’t just going through the motions anymore. He keeps a Bible in his truck, reads it every day and takes extra bulletins at church, giving them to people he meets who don’t have a church home. He and June have grown closer in their marriage.

“It’s a new life,” he said. “I can’t get enough of the Lord.”

Thousands of people have given their lives to Christ at the Billy Graham Library. Click here to learn how you can help keep this ongoing crusade alive.

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